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The Huwa-San Fogger: Automated whole room disinfection

Klinisch bewezen-64*64

Clinically proven

Erkende Biocide-64*64

Recognised biocide


Effective against coronaviruses


Quick & thorough disinfection


Antiviral & antibacterial

Geur- en kleurloos-64*64

Odourless and colourless



Zonder restsporen-64*64

No harmful residuals

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Discover how the Huwa-San Fogger is able to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Stop the spread of infections

The Huwa-San Fogger is a portable fogging disinfection system that decontaminates an average room in no time. The Huwa-San Fogger thoroughly disinfects the entire room without leaving any harmful residuals or unwanted odours. Huwa-San nebulised in Huwa-San fog is a recognised biocide that ensures your space is free of viruses and bacteria in very little time, even right down to the least accessible corners.


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Stabilised hydrogen peroxide effective against all viruses and bacteria

The Huwa-San Fogger uses Huwa-San TR-12.5, a high-quality, advanced disinfectant based on silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2). After the reaction of this transparent, colourless and odourless liquid, only water and oxygen remain, leaving no harmful residuals.


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Huwa-San Fogger product details

np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Recognised biocide with proven efficacy against viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, ...
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Complies with NF-T-72 281 guidelines for all microorganisms, incl. spores.
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Controlled and effictive distribution of disinfection fog throughout the entire room.
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 User-friendly TFT interface with pre-programmed protocols.
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Manufactured to the highest EU ISO standards.
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Compatible with the Roam Technology Huwa-San TR-12,5 product range.
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Suitable for spaces between 10 and 142 m³.
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Economic and ergonomic design.
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Suitable for all surfaces.
np_arrow-right_888647_000000 Optional Data logging availability


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For many years, Roam Technology has been distributing high-quality disinfection products based on clinically-proven technology in various sectors.



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